Erection of non-loadbearing light structures was the main business of SIA OPG back in 2011.

Employing highly skilled personnel, ongoing training activities, use of hi-end machinery and outstanding quality control procedures – these are the core strengths that customers value in SIA OPG when we come to work at your construction site.


Keeping records of what has been done during a period of time – is something any other company can manage. At SIA OPG – we stop at nothing to bring you the most comprehensive data when it comes to reporting. You will be impressed when presented with our Progress Control Report that tracks every single process to the smallest detail, at the same time allowing you to see the full picture easily.




Pre-cast concrete elements are used in construction since the beginning of 20th sencury. Comparing to traditional construction methodes or other construction materials, pre-cast concrete elements have many benefits.



  • Faster construction process;

  • Reduced construction costs;

  • Efficient solutions;

  • Quality guaranteed;

  • Enviromentally protected;

  • Fireproof material.


Usage options:

  • Private house construction

  • Apartment construction

  • Office building construction

  • Municipal building construction

  • Manufacturing and warehouse building construction

  • Parking block construction



SIA OPG is offering the most advanced technology in light prefabricated wall panel solutions. Those panels offer several benefits over concrete precast panels, including assembly speed or insulation performance. Light wall panels provided by OPG are lightweight, durable, and have good heat permeability values. Wide variety of walls‘ top layers along with customizable specification make light prefab walls from OPG a great option for new constructions as well as renovation projects.



  • Faster construction process along with pre-determined installation time

  • Schedule compression: panels are manufactured while there are other works ongoing on site

  • Eco-friendly with almost no waste on construction site

  • Lover structural requirements than precast concrete

  • No scaffolding necessary for exterior wall installation


Usage options:

  • New buildings with extended requirements on ecology or insulation

  • Renovation projects

  • All-scale of buildings – from small housing units to large projects

  • Projects with limited time schedule for actual building