Advices for workers


  • Your employer has to protect your health, safety and welfare.

  • Every worker has the right to a workplace where the risks to health and safety are properly controlled.

  • You have a right to know who employs you. If you don't know - ask.

  • There are some things you have to do under Latvian health and safety law.

What your employer must do

  • Tell you about any risks to your health and safety connected with your job.


Information and training
  • Give you the information, instruction and training you need to work safely and make sure you have understood it.

  • Make sure you can understand any safety signs in your workplace.

  • Make sure you can always speak to an experienced supervisor and that you can understand each other.


Equipment and clothing
  • Not allow you to drive or operate any machinery unless you have been properly trained.

  • Make sure any equipment you need to use is suitable and properly looked after.

  • If needed, free of charge give you protective equipment or clothing which should be warm and/or waterproof if you have to work outside.


Your welfare
  • Make sure there are adequate toilet and washing facilities you can use, and clean drinking water.

  • Make sure you can get emergency first aid.

  • Keep a record of any injuries, ill health or dangerous occurrences and report them to the Health & Safety Manager (HSM).​

What you must do as an employee

  • Make sure what you do at work does not put you or other people at risk.

  • Help your employer to reduce health and safety risks in the workplace.

  • Use any work equipment in the way that you were trained.

  • Use properly anything supplied for your health and safety.


You should also let your employer know (in writing) if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have given birth within the past six months.


What to do if you are concerned about your health and safety
  • Talk to your employer, manager or supervisor.

  • Talk to your safety manager.